Best DIY Gift Ideas For Christmas!

Best DIY Gift Ideas For Christmas!

The Six Best DIY Gift Ideas For Christmas

Christmas is the season of gift giving, and the best types of gifts are those which are not found at a mall. Customized, DIY Christmas gifts don't have that cheap, plastic feel that most commercial gifts seem to have, and if you have the right creative talent, they can be very attractive.

So give your loved ones a memorable Christmas this year by giving them one of these custom made DIY gifts for the holidays, and here are some the best gift ideas for Christmas that you should try.

1. Plant Pots

Let's start with something simple: Plant Pots. These items are not only easy to make, they also make for great gifts to friends and relatives who enjoy gardening. These gifts look great near window ledges, study tables, bookshelves and desks. They also make for interesting and uplifting decorations.

You can make your own plant pots using a wide variety of materials. Wood is the traditional choice, but you can also use bamboo and clay if you know how to use them. Once you have the basic materials ready, you can make your pots more attractive by adding some special decorations and filigrees. The more you customize the pots, the better your gift will be.

 Check out these custom DIY Christmas plant pots for inspiration:










 2. Crystal Pendants

If you know someone who likes crystals and attractive stones then this is a great DIY gift for them. All you need to do is to take a beautiful looking crystal, wrap them in wire, decorate them with filigrees and then wrap them up for Christmas.

It's also worth mentioning that there are many types of crystals and attractive stones for you to choose from. Several good examples include quartz, jade, fluorite, opal, turquoise and more. Each of these stones can be carved and customized to create truly unique and beautiful pendants.

A standard crystal on a chain is the easiest way to create a crystal pendant, but amateur jewelers can turn an ordinary piece of crystal into an elven necklace or even a magical talisman by adding a few decorations and filigrees.


 Here are a few examples of beautifully crafted DIY crystal pendants:


3. Custom Made Dinnerware

Custom made dinnerware are easy to make but if you have a lot of artistic talent, they can be one the best gifts that you can give to your loved ones this Christmas.


What makes custom made DIY dinnerware are their aesthetics. They are functionally useful on the dinner table, but they can also be used as kitchen or dining room decorations. They also unique designs, which matters quite a bit this season.


Many custom-made dinnerware are made from existing plates, cups, bowls and cups, and covered with special ceramic markers. These items are then placed inside ovens to make their new look permanent.


 Here are a few nice examples of custom made dinnerware:


4. Wine Bottle Vases


If you know how to work with glass or bottles then this is one of the best DIY gift ideas that you can try. All you need to do is take one of your old wine bottles, paint it with beautiful colors or cover it with elegant wrapping paper, add a few filigrees and decorations and insert a few elegant flowers inside it. Voila. You have made a custom wine bottle vase for your loved one.


 if you don't like paints or wrappers, try wrapping the bottles with cloth or some other material then add several minor decorations. Little flowers, stars and animals will turn that old bottle into a new and pretty vase. You can also tie the vases with ribbons or maybe glue a few more items to make the finished product truly special.


 Here are a few fine examples of custom-made wine bottle vases that you can use for inspiration: 

5. Gilded Gold Box

Do you have an old wooden box lying around? You can turn that old thing into a gilded gold box to give to one of your friends or family this Christmas.

These boxes are usually made of wood, but feel free to use whatever boxes you have nearby. Once you have made your choice, paint it with metallic paint and sprinkle it with gold dust. If the handle and lid are old, replace them with new ones.

You should also glue the interior of the box with some new colored cloth or velvet to give it that noble look. And voila! You now have a new gilded gold box to use as a gift this Christmas. If you have any extra decorations lying around, feel free to add them as well. Try any style you like.

Check out this DIY gilded box for inspiration on how to create one on your own. 

6. A Special Custom Mug

Custom made mugs are one of the most common gifts you'll find. Not only are they easy to make, they are also very utilitarian. The only trouble is that people only like custom mugs if they don't have one already. So if you're going to make one of these, make sure that your intended recipient actually needs it.


To create a custom mug, all you'll need is a simple mug, a brush, some colorful paint and a little talent. If you don't like painting, you can also use markers, but the results may not be as great. Take all these items and start painting a nice, interesting design on the mug. It can be anything you want, from colorful images to kind words. Just be sure to personalize it for your loved one by adding their name or inside reference that only they will understand.


Here's a great example of a DIY custom mug. for reference: 



There are all kinds of DIY gifts that you can try this Christmas, and what makes them special is that you make them. They are unique, customized items that reflect your love and affection for your loved ones. So this holiday season, why don't you give these DIY gifts a try? Your friends and family are sure to love them.

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