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This Valentine’s Day, we’d like to share some real, honest to goodness love stories that will make you believe in love again. These are tales told by the ladies of Reddit Ask Women, who prove, once and for all, that true love never dies and can be found in the most unexpected places. 


He wrote her daily letters while he was away at war.

My great grandparents were married for more than 65 years. And when my great grandfather was in Japan for WWII, he wrote her a letter every single day that he could. Their apartment was filled with boxes and boxes of them when he passed away. My great grandmother passed away first and I remember my great grandfather sitting by her bedside, holding her hand and telling her it was okay to go, because no matter where she went, he’d find her again. He lived for several more years, and when he died, his last words were “I’m going home to see [great grandmother] again.” 



They fell in love despite the language barrier.

My exes parents. He was from Poland, she was from the DR and they had both moved to the US. He was the super of her apartment building in NYC. Something in her apartment broke and he came to fix it. Neither of them spoke English. She had a young child and was recently divorced from an alcoholic. She told me she had no idea what he said on their first few dates but she would smile and laugh anyway because she was so smitten with him. Every day he comes home from work and says “Hello my gorgeous wife!” They are absolutely adorable and amazing parents to their kids.



He fell in love with her poetry.

A friend got bit by a snake in college, nearly died, as the ambulance was coming she called her roommate and told her the password to her computer and where to find a poetry book she had written that she wanted published if she died. Friend was in a coma for a few days, her college friends sat by her in the room and took turns reading her poetry aloud to each other. There was a male medical student in the hospital who was running tests/working/medically helping her and was in the room a lot, he fell in love with her through her poetry and after she woke they talked all the time, fell for each other, when she got better he asked her out. That was 5 years ago, they’re married now with quadruplets on the way, and the last time I was at their house I saw a painting he had started of her. She also recently published a different poetry book, one full of love poems about him.


Love can happen anywhere, anytime and to anyone. You can’t control who you fall in love with. So when the love bug does hit you, show that person just how you feel. Send her Love Notes that creatively express how much you value your moments together and how important she is to you.

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