5 Unique Low Cost Gift Ideas

5 Unique Low Cost Gift Ideas

When it comes to gift giving, it's truly the thought that counts. After years of being in the gift-giving industry, we've seen a ton of unique and creative ideas that don't cost a fortune!

I took some of the favorite ideas I've seen, and combined them with my own go-to gift ideas to put together this list for you. With this wide variety of ideas, you're sure to find the perfect gift!


1. Put Together A Scavenger Hunt

Easter egg hunts are a blast, but they only happen once a year. Adding in a scavenger hunt as a part of your gift can add to the excitement, and make the surprise even more memorable.

I'll lay out 5-10 notes with clues on how to find the next note. Usually each one is a riddle (so instead of putting "check the microwave", I'll write something along the lines of "your next clue is hanging out with tiny waves").

Then, the final note reveals the location of their gift!

I love setting up a scavenger hunt because it's free (you just have to make a few notes), and it makes the 30 second gift-giving process into a 10-15 minute experience.


2. Plan Out A Full Morning/Afternoon/Evening of Activities

Quality time is one of the 5 love languages, so this is the perfect gift for someone who enjoys spending time with you! I'll use the occasion "birthday for a significant other" as an example for what you could do.

- You wake up earlier than the other person, tidy up the house, brew some coffee, cook their favorite breakfast, and then set up their favorite show for them. When they awake from their slumber, they're already impressed with your thoughtfulness.

- Next up is some kind of light activity where you can still hold a conversation with each other. Find a scenic place to walk, rollerblade, bike, take the dog, etc.

- Plot twist! When you both hop into the car to go to that location, they find out that you cleaned out the inside for them and you put an air freshener on their rearview mirror. They're thinking "how is it possible that this day keeps getting better and better"?!

- Once you wrap up the activity, the animal shelters are a great place to visit! You can spend some time petting the dogs, cats, bunnies, and everything else they have.

- Off to the bakery you go (after you wash your hands of course) to let them pick out a cupcake (more bonus points if you bring a birthday calendar + lighter with you so they can make a wish).

- You'll pull into the driveway and start walking up to the doorstep. Their jaw drops when they see a pizza on the doorstep (which you ordered on your phone while driving back). Then you settle on in to watch a movie together.


3. Deliver Groceries Or Dinner To Their House

If they're more of a practical person, and you can't spend the day with them since you don't live close by, then this is a great option. You can go above and beyond to find out their favorite meal ahead of time, and send them that specific entree (or everything they'll need to cook it). Companies like Door Dash / Uber Eats will let you add a custom note from you as well!


4. Put Together A Scrapbook

In an increasingly digital era, scrapbooks are becoming more and more rare (which is exactly why you should make one)! It'll take a little time and effort to print the pictures and put everything together, but it's definitely worth it.

Add in handwritten notes, or little stories to go with the pictures that you added for that extra personal touch.


5. Give Them A Custom PopBox

I love giving someone a PopBox because...

- It's a gift that's under $25

- Each one is custom, so you can add your personal touches

- It only takes a few minutes to order, which is perfect for the last minute shoppers who are short on time

- Opening it up and having all of the confetti pop out is an experience they'll always remember

If this sounds like the perfect gift, you can click here to start creating yours!



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