5 Ways To Say "I Love You", Without Saying a Word.

Words have immense power especially when you need to tell someone how you feel. 

They don't necessarily have to be spoken out loud, though.

Here are some ways to let those feelings be known, without saying a single word. 

1. Text!

Okay, so technically, this isn't talking. And since texts, emails and direct messages are really the preferred mode of conversation today this is a logical choice. Just make sure you send your significant other short but sweet and cute messages that tell him how much you love him.   


2. Write On!

There is something really romantic about leaving your sweetheart a love note on his pillow, writing "I Love You" on the bathroom mirror, or spelling "I <3 U" out of post-it notes and sticking them where he can easily see them. 


3. Personalize it!

Buy your significant other's favorite chocolate or candy then re-wrap it using a customized wrapper with a love message. You can design and print it yourself or order it online. If you wanna go really big,  engrave a piece of jewelry with your message and give it to your partner.


4. A Letter is Better

Do it the old fashioned way and write him a love letter. Be as expressive and as sentimental as you want and simply put all your feelings for him down on paper. Then mail it to his home for that romantic touch.


5.  Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words

Create a photo album or a loving keepsake of all your special moments together and let the pictures do the talking.  If you wanna go all digital, gather all your photos and edit them together to create a  video using your favorite song as background music.  


Another super creative, unique and romantic way to let your significant other know how much you love him is to say it in 100 languages with our 100 Languages Pendant Necklace.  
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